3 Common Questions About Outdoor Event Organizer Services

The first two articles in this four-part series presented information on how to plan an outdoor event. This article will focus on information related to the day of the eclipse. If you have scheduled a public outdoor event related to the total solar eclipse, one or more elements need to be addressed. The first issue will explore permissible hours of operation and parking for events. The second article will focus on perimeter security and where to park during an event.

There are a few simple rules to follow if you are planning an event to honor the Aug. 21st eclipse. The City of totality is scheduled to begin at approximately 7am. Traffic on the roadways into downtown Portland may be affected throughout the morning and evening depending upon what caused the traffic delays. It should be possible to limit your street traffic to one way traffic (yes, bicycles may be riding back and forth) during the morning and early afternoon. If not, bicycle traffic should be able to make use of all nearby streets and sidewalks as well as parking lots.

Depending upon the planning strategies utilized by the event organizer, the duration of the totality can vary anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. If an area is designated as closed off, traffic should be able to enter and exit the event area but those with parking permits and admittance to the museum and other restricted areas may have to use secondary entry points into the event area. Event organizers must also consider the consequences associated with having no parking available near the event. Public safety and concerns for parking issues must be addressed. To know more about venues, visit this website at http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Venue.aspx.

The next factor to consider for an event planning professional is the issues of perimeter and traffic control. Will a restricted area be enforced and if so how much space is available? If an area is not a problem then the event planner may want to consider creating an off-site staging area for people that can leave once the event is over. This provides a good solution for those with valid concerns for the event's surroundings, like the parking lot. Read this article for more info!

A third concern for a planner relates to the event's perimeter. For instance, if a park is being used for the gathering then a posted fence or wall will probably do the job. The same goes for providing security for a group that wishes to bring along their own equipment for activities that go beyond the main event area. Other concerns might relate to the use of space in a given location. Is there room for an assortment of activities in one area or does it need to be divided up based upon whether the space is needed for games or activity stations?

The final concern for an event organizer is related to a specific budget. How much of the planned activities is a planner willing to fund out of his or her pocket for? The planner may find the answer to this question in relation to the level of services provided. In some situations, the event planner will not charge for certain services, but the host might be expected to foot the bill. The best approach for this question centers on asking how much each service will cost and how that Old McMickys Farm service will affect the overall success of the event.

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